The New LinkedIn UI

First impressions and all, I like the new LinkedIn UI. I do acknowledge that by saying this I’m going to be kicked out of the He-Man LinkedIn Haters Club.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some issues with learning the new interface that I’ve still got to work on. Tips and tricks for how to find people that I want to find, nifty performance enhancing tools that will need some updates, but so far so good.

It is technology after all. I remember switching from Windows 95/98 and thinking how horrible the new UI was for the first few days. After I found my way around the new interface, though, I found out that I actually liked it and couldn’t imagine using anything better…. until the next UI came out that I hated and then loved… (Except Windows ME.. and maybe Windows 8… but I digress)

There are some tweaks needed on the backend as well. There are times that when I’m running multiple tabs open that it slows my computer down to a crawl. That’s a bit of an issue for my line of work.

Overall, I like the direction and am actually excited to see the improvements. There are some functionalities that I hope LinkedIn will bring back that many of us used daily. I hope they continue to work to improve the new layout as well.

With the new Facebook job posting and career search functions, LinkedIn may have some competition, but that is another discussion…

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