I hired an assistant today

X.AI is my new personal assistant.

Have you ever got so busy during the day that you had the unthinkable happen? That’s right the dreaded “letting someone slip through the cracks”? I know I have. It wasn’t even just because I was busy. It was because I thought I had booked some time to speak with someone, but the next day (after I was supposed to have engaged in said conversation) I realized I forgot to put them on my calendar. What about those times where you suggest that you talk at 3 PM but the other person is busy and suggests 4 PM but you’ve got a meeting and so you suggest 5 PM but the other person has a call then and suggests the next day at 9 AM but you….. You get the idea.

Thankfully there are several options out there to help with that flow. Who cares and why is it important?

Because time. Time is our enemy. We always wish there was more time for something. There are several options available to help with solving the booking problem and many of them are even free. A few of the solutions are Calendly, FreeBusy.io, YouCanBookMe, X.AI….

The one I’ve been using lately and loving is X.AI. You may have even met Amy Ingram or Andrew Ingram. They are the AI assistant that can help you save time, streamline your process, or help keep people from falling through cracks.

I picked Amy as my assistant. She is great because you can communicate with her almost like a real life personal assistant. She can help you book calls, meetings, conferences, etc. and she learns rather quickly.

Amy is great for when you reach out to someone and maybe they reply “Hey I would be interested in talking more about this.”

You can utilize this opportunity to get their email if you don’t already have it and let them know you’ll have your AI set something up. My typical reply looks something like this:

“Thanks for the reply Boba Fett, what’s the best email for you and I’ll have my AI reach out and get something on our calendars?”

Once someone replies and I have all the information that I need, I ready to get Amy involved and start getting time booked on our calendars.

The first step is to send an email to Amy and CC the person that you’re scheduling with similar to this:

Amy then takes control and works on all the back and forth, finding times on my calendar that I’m available and working with the other person to find which works best for them. After all of that dialogue, I get a meeting invite for the time that works best and with the notes and subject, I put in the first email.

The best part is, if something comes up and either person needs to reschedule, Amy can handle that as well.

This is an appointment I booked with my buddy Stefano:

I’ve heard from several people that they were surprised that Amy is an AI. I think that speaks volumes for how well this works. Amy and Andrew are very conversational.

Using this over the course of only a few weeks, you could easily book over 100 meetings and think of all the time you were able to save in doing so! In the last report I had, it was a few hours.

As a reminder, views and opinions are my own. Happy networking!

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