Hiretual AI update Adds Basic CRM functionality

Earlier this year I covered some of the tools that every sourcer needs in their toolbox. One of those tools was Hiretual:

“I’ve been using Hiretual since way back in the beta days. Aside from having a great team that is extremely helpful and willing to add features that we can use in sourcing, the tool is great. From the small things like being able to move the icon to where on the screen you want it to the peer-ranking on the talent profile, Hiretual keeps the flow going. The emails have been mostly accurate and available for many of the candidates I’ve searched for it. The estimated current salary is close on some roles. Probably 80-90% accurate for 80-90% of the candidates. One of my other favorite features of this tool is the Boolean creator from uploading a job description and the x-ray search sites. If you’re not already using this tool, I would highly recommend adding it to your arsenal.”

This week, Hiretual has added even more functionality. In addition to being an amazing tool to find emails and build Booleans, Hiretual has a great AI search feature that helps find prospects. It’s a quick way to save some time on the front end of your search. Now you don’t have to export into a .csv or ATS to keep up with your stages or re-discover candidates that you may have identified in a previous search.


You can now track what stage in the process you have a candidate within a pipeline, add tags & notes…. but that’s not all…..


You can now filter candidates. Even across all your projects.

This has made a great tool even better. Happy to see the team over there with the steady improvement!

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