Hiretual: A Recruiter’s Best Friend

Hiretual: A Recruiter’s Best Friend


By: Jeremy Da Costa

There are many tools that a Recruiter/Sourcer can use to help with the sourcing process. Many of them only have one or two functions that come with them, but there are others that can do more. A notable example would be Hiretual. Hiretual is the most complete Recruiting Assistant out there in the recruiting world.

One of the many features Hiretual does is find contact information and profile analytics. Hiretual finds personal emails and in some cases personal phone numbers of the profile that you are looking at. Along with the personal contact information, I can click on find more emails and get Hiretual’s best guess at a work email. Another feature that is amazing is the analytics that Hiretual provides. I can see the skills and expertise that the profiles have without having to look at the profile itself. Hiretual also shows the availability of the profile and their peer ranking. The availability shows the likelihood they will respond and they their current company based on patterns of their resume. The peer ranking show where they rank amongst the same peer bracket with the same skill sets.

Hiretual also has a Boolean Builder. You have three different types of searches. The first search is quick mode, where you can select an expertise and the skills that are associated with the expertise will show up. From there you can add or remove skills and put in a location. After that, you can start your search and start finding people. The 2nd search mode is called smart search. You type in a title and the skills will show up. After that, you can add or remove skills and type in a location and start your search. The last one is JD mode. All you do is copy and paste the JD and press Parse now. After that, it is just like what Smart search and Quick mode require and you can start searching.






Other features for this article is Hiretual’s pipeline, which has multiple functions. Every time you view a profile Hiretual puts it into your pipeline. Within your pipeline, you can create folders and add potential candidates to the folders. You can also see their analytics and contact information. Another function you can do is importing CSVs to have our system find the contact information for the candidates you have. The other feature that Hiretual has is the ability to export CSVs. This will allow you to import your pipeline into your ATS/CRM system by exporting a CSV from your Hiretual pipeline. Once you have your pipeline exported you can arrange the CSV so you can import it into your ATS/CRM.

These are just some of the features that Hiretual has and overall is more than what most tools/extensions have to offer. Hiretual works day and night to please their users and is very active in the community to support them and to improve Hiretual. In a blink of an eye, Hiretual has new features that improve the tool and it’s always based on what the users want it to do.


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